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Finding and keeping great people is more difficult today than ever. Your most valuable asset also poses perhaps your greatest challenge. The investment you make in talent will impact every area of your organization from customer satisfaction to profitability and growth.

At ACT Bridge, we help large organizations resolve complex talent management issues with our comprehensive system of talent solutions including job profiling, cognitive and soft skills assessment, skills gap analysis, career wellness programs and targeted training. By taking the guesswork out of hiring, ACT Bridge helps you place the right people with the right skills into the right opportunities for success.

Talent Recognition and Understanding Engine™

The highly flexible, ACT Bridge cloud-based Talent Recognition and Understanding Engine™ (TRUE) equips organizations managing high volumes of talent with robust tools that enhance talent acquisition, performance, career development and succession planning to deliver a stronger workforce and encourage employee and organizational success.


TRUE Selection™

Recruit and select a talented workforce. Make more objective and informed hiring decisions.

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TRUE Performance™

Gain clearer insight into your workforce’s performance, skills gaps and training needs with TRUE Performance.

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TRUE Development™

Engage and retain top talent with flexible career pathways that improve productivity and employee satisfaction.

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TRUE Succession™

Assess bench strength, avoid gaps in your leadership pipeline and develop qualified successors.

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Professional Services

Our team of expert strategists works to strengthen your workforce by addressing and resolving your most pressing talent challenges.

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